Abha Illuminating Emulsion

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This smooth, brightening Emulsion effectively penetrates into skin, giving it a boost of radiance and brightness. The compound of brightening ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, which contains a natural brightening substance, HYALURONIC Acid which helps reducing dullness, makes the skin look bright and clear.

Our Botanical skincare line that moisturizes the skin while improving skin texture and clarity. White seed is formulated with White Lupine Seed which contains natural brightening ingredient to reduce dullness of skin to appear more luminous by controlling melanin formation.


3 Step brightening system gives milk-like, clear skin delivered by Abha Illuminating Emulsion :

1. Skin tone care 2. Spot care 3. Brightening

Contains Hemp oil, olive squalene that provides great plump effect and radiant skin
Formulated without 7 additives: parabens, tar colorant, mineral oil, talc, polyacrylamide, paraffin.

1 review for Abha Illuminating Emulsion

  1. Subhalaxmi Banerjee

    Very effective for acne,rash .It also lock hydration for long time.

    • admin

      Customer satisfaction and own reviews are the best promotion a brand can do, the biggest certificate 9f BTM ORGANICS is our huge customer base and reviews..
      We sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence you have in us. Let me reassure you again or our commitment to serving you with courtesy and respect for many years to come..
      Gargi Chatterjee

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