Bridal Ubtan Glow Face Mask


Face Pack
It is a herbal product that protects the skin from black spots, your body would get a natural glow and beauty.

It is Bridal special Ubtan for Haldi and Wedding Occasion for bridal glow.. But anyone can use it, but the glow will be exactly like A bride-to-be!!!!

Features & details

It helps in giving anti-septic effect and reduce the black heads and dead cells, its walnut shell particles unclog pores and mild surfactant’s gently clean the pore from deep inside leaving a soft, fresh and healthy young skin.
Helps to restore skin’s elasticity & firmness.
Capable of penetrating into the skin layers adding nourishing oils, deep skin conditioning and softness to the skin.
Revitalizes your face and Instantly gives you that Luminous and radiant complexion.

Usage Procedure:-
Gently start massaging your face with wet fingers to emulsify the ubtan into a cleansing milk and Simply leave it on your skin for 20 minutes, Remove.
Twice a week.



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