Honeylicious 🍯 Massage Gel

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This is an ancient formulation from the early centuries made with the most effective and precious
ingredients. It is prepared according to the Vedic Shastras, by Ayurvedic practices

Pure ingredients including sweet almond oil, Honey juice and Glycerine are known to be effective in rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin.

How to Use ??
⭐Apply milk with citton ball..(any milk)

⭐Use a generous amount on face and neck with upward strokes at evening..

⭐Massage for a good 5 to 10 minutes, while putting very gentle pressure…remove with wet wipes or warm water dipped towel

⭐Apply moisturizer.. eventually it will change the skin texture….

Benefits :-

⭐Rejuvenates the skin
⭐Diminishes fine lines
⭐Tones & firms
⭐Deeply moisturizes
⭐Prevents pre-mature ageing
⭐. Improves elasticity

5 reviews for Honeylicious 🍯 Massage Gel

  1. archanadasroy88 (verified owner)

    Being an secret admirer of GARGI MAM ,i want to become a first reviewer of this product….mam i got delivered this product today itself and i was very excited to use it also…i myself suggested this product as i was feeling a lot of dryness on my face, so my first experience with this product is awesome as soon as i used it as instructed in product details…..from the evening i m not feeling any dryness on my face as well as on my palm smell of you all products are prodigious .GARGI MAM for me you are clairvoyant…..i love you mam…..i love you lot for the tireless work you are doing for you customers…..god bless you….

  2. Anjana Chakraborty

    Effective from day 1. It lefts a feather softness in one’s skin. Simply mind blowing. It deserves 5/5.

  3. durbanjalietce

    Best massage gel I have came through my age. Its make my skin to feel like butter.. just fall in love with this…. 🥰💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😘😘😘😘

  4. Ranita Biswas

    It smells like heaven. Gives a natural sheen after use.🙆😍

  5. Ranita Biswas

    It smells like heaven. Gives a natural sheen after use.🙆😘😍😍

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