Saffron Indulgence (With Bio Retinol 1%)





MRP – 599/- for 30ml

Indulged with Hyaluronic acid, Saffron, Bio Retinol, Niacinamide (5%),Alpha Arbutin (1%) Berries Complex and White Lily Lipoaminoacids and many more natural Ingredients..

Usage:- (damp skin is a must for its usage)

Use 2 pumps after toning on damp skin,followed by an oil serum, moisturizer and a night cream.Application of sunscreen is a must…

✔️Skin Brightening
✔️ pigmentation Clear
✔️ effects from Day 1.
✔️Non irritant

Bio-Retinol (Active) Ingredient in our Upcoming product #Saffron #Indulgence

Bio-Retinol acts as a skin firming, lightening, anti-ageing, antioxidant and an anti-wrinkle agent. It rejuvenates, brightens and firms skin using nature / vegetable derived lipids & extracts that act on the same receptors as synthetic retinoids.

It visibly reduces wrinkles and expression lines. It improves skin elasticity and enhances skin barrier protection and hydration. *This is very different from retinol.* It works just like Retinol but without compromising the skin barrier , without skin irritation or any redness that can lead to further stress via environmental factors / radicals and sun damage.

It also increases ceramide synthesis of the lips that protects the lips from chapped lips and cracks. It restores the lips and skin to its healthy natural state.
With scientific efficacy and proven data, Bio-retinoids are suitable for night and day use with certifications such as ECOCERT and COSMOS.